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The Beginning of Something

Hey everyone,

I've been looking to do this for some time now, start a blog on this space. Here I am, and here you are!

The pandemic was a formative experience for most of us. In the time that I spent trapped in my apartment, there was a realization of how the ability to perform music wasn't a guarantee anymore. It lit a fire in me to pursue my goals as a performer in a new way, and through that process I've been steadily learning about all of the other things that I'm passionate about. One of those things is writing; creative writing, songwriting, memoir, essay-ing, etc. So I suppose in a way, this blog is also an extension of that.

I'm a creative at my core, and story-telling and expressing myself has taken many different forms. I've written songs, painted, made drawings, music videos, etc. I have actually found that sometimes in order for me to feel like I've seen an idea all the way through to some type of completion, I have to experience that idea in more than one medium. Creativity for me is also a form of therapy in the sense that it can be meditative and liberating to express myself through art. That also makes it super scary, still not over that reality of it all.

Most art I make in my lifetime will only be for me, but it's so nice to find ways to be less precious about it and share it with others too. You never know when someone else may find healing through your work, or feel seen and validated, or experience something new and interesting, etc. The process of performing, whether original works or someone else's, it often ends up being healing for me too.

So, am I in my 30s and starting a blog in 2022? ... why yes I am.

This past year I've been fortunate enough to have some incredible experiences in music, so I'll probably start there. Thanks for being here, reading, and listening. Until the next.


I've been making these drawings for almost three years now. They're one of the most meditative forms of visual art I have in my life right now. I know I have dozens of them at this point. Maybe one day I'll actually count them out.

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